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Metadata Management

Metadata is extremely important in making sure your books find their way into the consumer’s hands. Databases of all sizes and shapes rely upon this information for a variety of purposes. Everywhere a consumer might look to find information on your books – search engines, online retailers, bookstores, and wholesalers – all of these need data about your products to adequately inform the customer.

It is for this reason that ECPA has partnered with Firebrand Technologies, Inc. to offer ECPA Title Management Web, an online solution that allows editorial, marketing, and production departments of any size publisher to manage the data for their title listing in one convenient location.

Everything from images, to jacket copy, table of contents, and awards information can be easily stored in this online repository.  ECPA has also partnered with Firebrand to bring member publishers NetGalley, a service that allows publishers to share digital galleys and press kits with their contacts and the NetGalley reader community.


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ECPA and Firebrand Technologies Expand Partnership with Ebook Content Services 

Storing and managing data in ECPA Title Management Web is only a part of the picture. The real value comes in what happens to your product data from there. At the click of a button you can release product information to over 200 industry partners in the file format (ONIX, XML, etc.) and frequency requested by the partners. With so many places receiving the exact same data about your products, the chances of incorrect data about your books making its way out into the marketplace shrink dramatically.

In addition to this, ECPA Title Management Web can be used to easily print tip sheets and title cards for major retailers, saving you money in time and resources.

Any ECPA member publisher who subscribes to this service will receive a discount off of Firebrand Technologies’ regular subscription rates. Considering the efficiencies created in using such a high-powered tool and the money saved through the ECPA discount, this program has a direct-benefit impact on member companies’ bottom line as well as a direct impact on our industry’s data.

If you are interested in learning more about this innovative new program, please contact Steve Rutberg and let him know you are a member of ECPA.

Download Firebrand's Title Management Brochure

ECPA's program with Firebrand provides member publishers:
  • Timely, accurate distribution of title data to over 200 industry partners.
  • Title data distributed in the formats and frequencies requested by trading partners.
  • Easily create title cards and tip sheets for all of your titles.
  • Discounted subscription rate just for being an ECPA member.
  • Instant verification of key title information giving you the confidence that your information is complete.

"I am pleased to hear that ECPA has partnered with Firebrand Technologies to facilitate the delivery of accurate, timely product data from ECPA publishers to down-stream users. I have long admired Firebrand Technologies’ contribution to data integrity. I can give you no better testimony than to tell you our two publishing divisions, Sterling Publishing and Barnes & Noble Proprietary Publishing, are both Firebrand Technologies shops.”

- Joe Gonnella, Vice President of Inventory Management & Vendor Relations, Barnes & Noble

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