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Christian Book Award® | Devotion & Gift Criteria

Category Description

This award is for material that is devotional in nature (daily and/or guided reading collections), gift-packaged books (coffee table, small-bound works) or poetry.

  • Devotional
  • Gift-packaged book
  • Poetry


Judging Criteria *

1. Audience
Is the audience clearly defined or understood from the cover or presentation of the book?

2. Content
If devotional in nature, is the content closely tied to scripture or a Christian worldview, connecting God to daily life?
Is the content organized and presented in a logical manner?
If the content is inspirational and/or motivational, does it reflect an accurate portrayal of a Christian worldview?

3. Writing Style / Mechanics
Does the author use sensory details to engage the audience?
Is the style of writing authentic in nature: a direct, honest portrayal or examination of personal faith?
If applicable, does the author use verse, short pieces of wisdom, scripture, and or poetry in a meaningful way?
Are there errors in spelling, grammar, paragraphing, and punctuation?
Are words used incorrectly?

4. Author
Does the author have sufficient experience/credibility to write such a work?
If not, is the work itself strong enough to give the author credibility?

5. Design / Format
Do the cover, color, layout, and text size facilitate the reading experience?
Does the format of the book make it easy to access the use?

6. Impact
Does the work meet a need in the intended audience and/or fulfill a need in the marketplace?
Is the presentation fresh and compelling in nature?
Does the book have the potential to make a significant impact on the reader?

* using a scale of 1-10

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