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Christian Book Award® | Ministry Resources Criteria

Category Description

Ministry Resources

This award is for ministry-related material inclusive of the following:

  • Christian Ministry including books for professional and lay leaders in the areas of Christian education, pastoral ministry, or preaching, discipleship, counseling, church leadership and church / organization administration.
  • Christian Education including books primarily intended for use in church-based spiritual education programs.

Note: Curriculum and/or mixed media product may be entered as long as a book is the central core of the package.


Judging Criteria *

Given the inclusive nature of this category, the following criteria are general in nature and require that you make specific application to each type of book that you are evaluating.

1. Audience / Format
Is the audience clearly defined or understood from the presentation?
Does the format of the book complement the purpose of the work?
Does the book have features such as an index, bibliography, etc.?
Are they effective and useful? Do additional materials (video, etc) come with the book? Do they enhance the purpose and overall impact of the work?

2. Content
Is the perspective, depth of treatment, and reading level consistent with the purpose of and audience for the book?
Is the information reliable and accurate?
If the work is scholarly in nature, is there evidence that it has been well-researched?
Is the material organized logically? Are the main points presented in a clear, straightforward manner?

3. Author / Editor
Does the author/editor have the credentials for writing and preparing such a work?
For example, if the work is scholarly in nature, is the author/editor a researcher or scholar in the field?
Does the author/editor have sufficient experience/employment in the field to be considered highly knowledgeable?

4. Writing Style / Mechanics
Does the style of writing make the book accessible to the intended audience?
Are there errors in spelling, grammar, paragraphing, and punctuation?
Are words used incorrectly?
Does the quality of the author’s prose (syntax, word choice, rhythm, etc.) enhance the content?

5. Design
Do the cover, color, layout, and text size facilitate the reading experience?
Where applicable, does the presentation in charts, graphs, etc. make the information as accessible as possible?

6. Impact
Does the work meet a need in the Christian community?
Is the presentation fresh and compelling in nature?
Does it have the potential to significantly influence the Christian community or significantly substantiate information already available?

Does the work add new information or a new perspective to Christian scholarship or ministry?

* using a scale of 1-10

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