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 PUBu13  |  October 21-22, 2013  | Wheaton College, Wheaton IL






Community Manager:  Chad Cannon, Senior Director of Marketing, Nelson Books

"I am thrilled to put together a dynamic marketing program for PUBu and anticipate synergy, dialogue, and
compelling information shared among Christian publishing's marketing professionals
." -- Chad Cannon


  • What Happens When Justin Bieber Instagrams Your Book?

Chad Cannon, Senior Director of Marketing, Nelson Books, @ccannon

A real-life case study of what happens to a book when the world's largest social media account endorses a book. In this session, we'll explore: What effect did it have on Sales? Discoverability? What's the true measure of success?, CTAs (Calls to Action), and a behind the scenes look at Justin Bieber endorsing Judah Smith's recent book Jesus Is.

Followed by interactive panel discussion with Chad Cannon, Tom Dean, Ryan Frederick, Tim Schraeder, Joel Widmer 


  • Book Landing Pages - Creating an Online Hub to Drive Sales and Awareness

Ryan Frederick, Principal & Creative Director,, @ryanfred

If created strategically, book landing pages will drive sales and unify customer interactions around new releases. In this talk we will cover why landing pages are important and how to use them most effectively when launching a new title. We will also survey real examples of what works, what doesn't work, why, and how to plan for your next release.

Followed by interactive panel discussion with Chad Cannon, Ryan Frederick, Tim Schraeder, Joel Widmer, Jeff Crosby


The Marketing community will gather to get to know each other and to hear about the following new innovative marketing technologies for the industry:

  • Display Advertising Strategies to Boost Campaign Success:  Get the maximum return on investment from your online display advertisements.  Join digital marketing consultants from The Parable Group for a straightforward guide to what’s happening in the display advertising industry and what it means to publishers like you. Discover industry techniques and strategies that will help your business drive conversions and significantly enhance brand recognition in your customers and prospects.
  • Pretailing:  How can publishers test book concepts, decide whether a book is viable or not, and generate reader demand before a book is published? In a discussion about the power of pretail, representatives from new book platform CrowdScribed will discuss the next stage of book publishing. CrowdScribed is an online platform that brings passionate authors and readers together early in the process to publish better books. CrowdScribed utilizes the unique model of Pretailing – where consumers shop for products before they’re available at retail – to measure interest, generate feedback and fund books for publishing. The combined power of the authors’ and readers’ voices determine what books get published. Publishing veterans Verne Kenney and Tim Close will discuss how pretail can positively affect the publishing industry. 



  • Editors & Marketers: Can They Play on the Same Team?

Jeff Crosby, Associate Publisher and Director of Sales & Marketing, InterVarsity Press
Cindy Bunch,
Associate Editorial Director, InterVarsity Press

Iron sharpens iron, scripture tells us. But what happens when the sparks REALLY fly between editors and marketers? Can they play on the same team, each contributing fully out of their gifts and perspectives? An editor and a marketer with a combined 50-plus years of experience in our industry share insights from their relationship working effectively together on a number of their company's best-selling projects.

Followed by interactive panel discussion with Jeff Crosby, Cindy Bunch, Chad Cannon, Tom Dean


  •  #BothAnd - How Social Media + Traditional Marketing Can Sell Your Next Book

Tim Schraeder, Social Media Strategist, @timschraeder

Social media has changed how consumers hear about products and services, and has changed the landscape of marketing for publishers. Rather than abandoning one for the other, something powerful can happen when you combine new ideas with social media and best practices from traditional marketing to promote a book release. Drawing from best practices learned in the process of promoting best-selling titles, this session will give you some practical ways to incorporate social media into your next book launch campaign.

Followed by interactive panel discussion with Chad Cannon, Ryan Frederick, Tim Schraeder, Joel Widmer, Tom Dean


SESSION 3:  A Series of "Rapid-fire Mini-Presentations" followed by Interactive Discussions

  • MINI: "The Changing Nature of Sales" presented by Jeff Crosby, Associate Publisher and Director of Sales & Marketing, InterVarsity Press

Taking a cue from Tim Harford's best-selling book "Adapt: Why Success Always Begins with Failure," a senior salesperson will share insights on adapting sales approaches in a changing environment while following three critical imperatives.

  • MINI: "First Time Authors: Do You Want to be Rich or Famous?" presented by Tom Dean, Sr. Director of Marketing, Zondervan, @thomas_p_dean

Navigating through the marketing process with a first time author doesn’t have to be overwhelming – for the author, agent or marketer! Hear some time-tested tips to make the process simpler and less stressful for all stakeholders.

  • MINI: "Something For Nothing" presented by Joel Widmer, Owner & Digital Marketing Strategist, Fluxe Digital Marketing

What makes some book's freemium offers bestsellers and others bomb? We'll explore the ingredients that make up successful freemium offers and go behind the scenes at the psychology that drives them.

  • MINI: "The Power of Peer Influence" presented by Tim Schraeder, Social Media Strategist

The next book consumers purchase will have very little to do with how great your market it and everything to do with what their friends and peers are saying about it. Learn the power of peer influence and how today's generation is listening less to marketing and more to the opinions and recommendations of their friends.

  • MINI: "Unconventional Marketing: Why It Works and How to Approach It" presented Ryan Frederick, Principal & Creative Director,

Boring marketing costs more and returns less. Unconventional marketing adds value to customers by enriching their daily lives and creating genuine intrigue. As marketers we have a choice: create truly interesting campaigns or add to the noise. When we create something remarkable, everyone wins.



  • After The Honeymoon - Post Launch Book Marketing Strategies for Long-Term Success

Joel Widmer, Owner & Digital Marketing Strategist, Fluxe Digital Marketing, @jwidmer

Great book marketing is synonymous with a big launch. But the publishing landscape is getting noisier and we’re all seeing that even a big launch isn’t a sure thing anymore for book sales. It’s time we look past the launch at long-term marketing strategies that get results.  In this session, we’ll explore:  The new model for the marketing lifecycle of a book;  Can authors stay authors or will they need to become marketers too? and Why we need to redefine success beyond the bestseller lists.

Followed by interactive panel discussion with Chad Cannon, Ryan Frederick, Tim Schraeder, Joel Widmer, Tom Dean, Jeff Crosby, Cindy Bunch


  • Getting Attention for Our Books in an Accelerated, Short-Attention Span Culture

Adrianna Wright, Online Publicist, InterVarsity Press
Alisse Goldsmith-Wissman, Print Publicity, InterVarsity Press

A monumental amount of time and resources is dedicated to trying to get a hearing for our
books in media and marketplace. In this session, a seasoned book publicist looks at the role
of publicity in publishing, marketing, and cultural landscapes buffeted by change, examining
what publicity can and can't accomplish, and exploring how publicity and marketing can work
together to launch books successfully.

We thank the following companies for their support of the industry and this event.

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