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ELS 11 | Speakers and Sessions

May 2-4, 2011

Embassy Suites
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Speakers and Sessions
New Speakers are confirmed daily. Please check back to see the latest additions to the ELS program.

The Power of a Jolt! Getting the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing
He’s helped some of the largest non-profits, churches, and ministries navigate periods of dramatic disruption and change, and Phil Cooke will help you discover how you can navigatetoday’s culture of disruption and actually use it to your advantage. The world is changing at light speed, but you can actually use it to revolutionize your business and your life. Stop feeling overwhelmed, and regain the confidence that can give you a realadvantage.

President and Founder, Cooke Pictures and co-founder of TWC Films, writer and speaker

An internationally known writer and speaker, Phil Cooke has actually produced media programming in more than 40 countries around the world.

Through his company Cooke Pictures in Burbank, California –he’s helped some of the largest non-profit organizations in the world navigate periods of dramatic disruption and change. He’s also a founding partner in the commercial production company TWC Films, which produces national advertising for some of the largest companies in the country. TWC Films produced two TV commercials for Super Bowl 2008 and was selected to unveil the revolutionary new electric Chevrolet Volt. He’s appeared on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and his work has been profiled in the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal. His book, Branding Faith: Why Some Churches and Non-Profits Impact the Culture and Others Don’t, is changing the way non-profit and religious organizations use the media to tell their story. Cooke’s most recent book, Jolt!: Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing, shares his secrets of making today’s culture of disruption and change work for you. He’s lectured at universities like Yale, University of California at Berkeley, UCLA, and is an adjunct professor at the King’s College & Seminary, and Biola University in Los Angeles.

Phil Cooke is sponsored by Thomas Nelson.

Ebook or App? How to Decide
Publishers today are faced with a wide range of choices when moving from print to digital delivery. Should an eBook (or enhanced eBook) be produced or would an app provide a better user experience? This discussion will touch on the options, the challenges and the opportunities of each of these options.

Solutions Architect, Aptara

Eric Freese is a veteran of publishing production optimization. From the early days of SGML, he has worked in roles as varied as consultant, software developer, content architect and semantic web technologist in industries including defense, technical publishing, commercial software and legal publishing. In his role as Director/Solutions Architect, Eric helps Aptara’s large publishing customers efficiently transition to cost-saving digital publishing models that simultaneously support eBook and other electronic delivery platforms, as well as traditional print production.  Digital Book World recently published Eric’s recap of the Consumer Electronics Show:

Aptara helps global enterprises gain competitive advantage through its capabilities in digital media innovation and world-class content production and publishing. Taking source content from any format and transforming it for distribution through any medium – from eReaders and smart phones, to tablets, PC’s, Web and print – Aptara enables organizations to achieve operational excellence, and unlock new revenue opportunity in a rapidly evolving digital- and mobile-centric marketplace. For more than 20 years, our content development and production capabilities, technology innovations and a proven offshore platform, have helped leading corporations and publishers achieve highly efficient, low-cost digital content production for multi-channel publishing of books, journals, and educational and corporate content.

Leadership is Dead – How Influence is Reviving it
For the leader of one of the largest leader development companies to assert that "Leadership is Dead” could seem condescending to his own business. However, the reality is totally different. Jeremie will explain what it looks like when leadership comes fully alive when looked at from a completely different point of view. Even more, Jeremie's presentation will give us practical tools to help expand our influence intentionally with those we serve and lead.


President, CEO, Co-Founder, GiANT

Jeremie Kubicek, President and CEO of Giant Impact and Co-Founder of Giant, has been serving leaders and growing companies for the past 18 years, both domestically and internationally. Kubicek’s passion for impacting leaders and influencing influencers has come from the experience of watching poor leaders conquer those they lead and stifle the growth of companies. Conversely, Kubicek has had the opportunity to serve with great leaders as these liberators provide freedom and opportunity for those they lead. It is their spirit that Kubicek has built GiANT to become. These ideas, combined with a growing sense of business values, led Kubicek and his founding partner, Matthew Myers, to start GiANT in 2002. "I have always believed that the most important role of a leader in business is to liberate their employees and those they reach to increase their capacity to influence positively,” says Kubicek. "When you help people grow, it is amazing what their organizations can do.”  Kubicek has successfully built many business ventures, including co-founding a consulting firm and economics school in Moscow, Russia, leading marketing initiatives for a half-billion dollar merchandising firm in Los Angeles, CA, participating in more than 10 acquisitions in three years in the general merchandise distribution market, and starting two internet firms focused on niche specialties in the education and beauty supply industries, prior to forming GiANT.

GiANT Impact was formed in 2007 after the acquisition of John Maxwell’s brands – Maximum Impact and INJOY. This acquisition added events, resources and training to the GiANT platform.  Kubicek became CEO in the same month. He currently leads the company to help awaken leaders through powerful growth resources, leader development training and impactful leadership events. Today GiANT Worldwide includes GiANT Partners, a growth firm helping companies and leaders think strategically while developing their people to become strong leaders and growing their organizations, GiANT Experiences, taking leaders through powerful life-changing experiences and GiANT Capital, which guides leaders through mergers and acquisitions. The GiANT companies are built on relationships. It starts with great partnerships with partners and teammates.

Jeremie Kubicek is sponsored by Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.

Lessons Learned from an Early App Pioneer
Michel will share first-hand experiences of building an app development and publishing company. He will cover everything from founding Oceanhouse Media in January 2009, to selling their one millionth app in January 2011 and everything in-between.

President and Founder, Oceanhouse Media

Michel Kripalani is President of Oceanhouse Media, a leading developer and publisher of apps for the mobile market. In it's first two years of existence, Oceanhouse Media released over 150 apps for iPhone and iPad. All were based on proprietary technology. Many became bestsellers, with nine apps reaching the #1 sales position within their category on the Apple App Store. In late 2010, Oceanhouse Media began releasing titles for Android platforms as well.  Oceanhouse Media has licensing relationships in place with Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Hay House Publishers, Zondervan (HarperCollins), Houghton Mifflin, Chronicle Books and many others.  Oceanhouse Media is Michel's third start-up. He found prior success with Presto Studios, an independent videogame development company that he ran for 11 years. Presto Studios had numerous hits including The Journeyman Project series, Myst 3: Exile and more. His first business, focused on developing interactive multimedia projects, was founded in 1989. In addition, Michel was a Director of Business Development at Autodesk for many years where he spent a large portion of his time managing relationships with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and other game development studios worldwide.

Oceanhouse Media, Inc. is a leading publisher of mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices. As of January 2011, the company crossed the one million mark of paid app downloads on Apple’s App Store. The company has more than 150 apps, many on Top 100 lists, on the App Store in the Books, Games, Music, Photography, Health & Fitness, Reference and Finance categories, nine of which hit the #1 spot in their categories.  The company has licensing agreements in place with Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, Zondervan (a division of HarperCollins), Hay House Publishers, Character Arts, Chronicle Books, and others. In many cases, the company works directly with authors to bring their beloved books to the mobile market, always staying true to the original content and intent of the books.

With a Sling and a Stone: How Small Beats Big in the eBook Market
Kobo, the international eBook retailer, is outspent by its competitors 10 or 20:1. Kobo has 200 employees vs. 25,000 or more. Yet Kobo continues to beat larger retailers to new markets, devices and partnerships. Michael Tamblyn, Kobo's EVP of Content, Sales and Merchandising, describes a range of strategies and tactics that can be helpful to publishers and retailers alike, proving that sometimes small and focused is an advantage in a rapidly changing market.

VP Content, Sales & Merchandising, Kobo

At Kobo, Michael is responsible for sales, publisher and industry relations, content acquisition, and the merchandising experience across all of Kobo's web and mobile services. He co-founded Canada's first online bookstore, which was purchased by Indigo Books & Music in 1998, where he served as vice president of online operations. Most recently, Michael was the founding CEO of the supply chain agency BookNet Canada, where he launched the national sales reporting service BNC SalesData and authored the publishing technology call-to-arms, "Six Projects That Could Change Publishing for the Better." Michael has a Masters in Business Administration from University of Western Ontario.

Kobo is a global eBook retailer backed by Indigo Books & Music, Borders, REDgroup Retail, Cheung Kong Holdings, and other leaders in technology and retail. We believe consumers should be able to read any book, anytime, anywhere, and on the device of their choice. In order to achieve that goal, Kobo is open, available on any device, global, and offers nearly 2 million eBooks to readers throughout the world.

5 Threads Towards Threshold:
What Writing, Publishing & Reading Will Look like in 2015

BOB CARLTON, Vice President, Publisher, Kirkus Reviews
, Founder, VOD Communications, Inc.

In 1455 Gutenberg published his 42-line Bible, which began publishing as we’ve known it. For more than 600 years, an ecosystem has developed around movable type, mass production and a mature media type – the physical book. In 1980, what we now know as the Web began as Tim Berners-Lee and colleagues around the globe collaborated. By 2015, how we write, publish & read will cross the threshold between the Gutenberg era & the Berners-Lee era. In this session, we’ll discuss the 5 threads that are driving this threshold.

Jen Howver’s marketing background in both the publishing and events worlds led her to work with a wide variety of clients. Since launching VOD Communications, Inc. in 2005, Jen has worked with nonprofits, publishing houses, tech companies, actors, and just about everything in between. A storyteller at heart, Jen loves working with a broad range of businesses, uncovering their unique stories and finding new ways to get their stories out there.

Bob Carlton loves readers, writers & the digital world that is emerging around us.  He is the VP & Publisher for Kirkus, an 80 year-old business that helps readers discover books & authors get their books discovered. In his more than 25 years in publishing, Bob has been an author, an avid reader – as well as playing executive roles at the forefront of digital publishing. He was part of the launch team for CourseSmart, the leading e-book company in higher education, which was founded and supported by the five leading publishers. Carlton was also senior vice president for business development at Thomson Learning (now Cengage), where he negotiated strategic relationships with several leading e-Learning companies to distribute the company’s offerings worldwide. Carlton has also held senior positions with information providers and publishers such as Electronic Data Systems, WetFeet, News Corp, and Harcourt. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing and statistics from Texas A&M University.

Founded in 1933, Kirkus reviews more than 500 pre-publication books each month, including fiction, nonfiction, children's and young-adult books. Our reviews are a trusted and authoritativedecision-making tools, crafted by specialists selected for their knowledge and expertise in a particular field.

Use QR Codes to Turn Lifeless Print Media into a Multi-Media Experience

Publishers and retailers spend a lot of money creating print marketing materials, such as book covers, shelf talkers, endcaps, postcards, catalogs, etc. However, new technology called "QR codes” and America’s adoption of the smartphone has created a unique way for publishers and retailers to launch exciting multi-media promotional content from previously boring print pieces. Rob Eagar will explain the unique benefits of QR codes along with case studies to show how you can utilize this technology to engage consumers and market your products more effectively.

Founder, WildFire Marketing

Rob Eagar is the founder of WildFire Marketing, a consulting practice that helps individuals and organizations apply unique online and offline marketing techniques to spread their message like wildfire. Rob has worked with numerous ECPA publishers and trained over 300 authors at all levels. His client list includes consulting projects for several New York Times bestselling authors, such as Lysa TerKeurst, Wanda Brunstetter, and Dr. Gary Chapman. For more information, call 1-800-267-2045 or visit:

After the scan: Mobile Content
Now that someone has scanned your code, what's next?What is the best strategy for creating a great mobile experience? What do you want your mobile site achieve and what is the best design and content format? During this session Antony will talk about and give examples of best mobile site design practices.


Antony McGregor Dey is CEO of, a new mobile-marketing company promoting an exclusive technology that will become the killer app for connecting offline media with the mobile web. Created with input from some of the biggest publishers in the world the platform offers new ways for publishers to engage with readers; by creating a bridge between traditional media and campaign specific micro-sites on the mobile web. The platform builds long-term direct relationships with readers, gauging and generating interest in upcoming titles and between series to ultimately increase retail and online sales.  Antony has 11 years experience in the mobile industry and was former CTO of a mobile software development firm specializing in mobile streaming solutions, and former director of a UK based direct marketing and promotional company.

What Tomorrow's Publisher Must Look Like

MAURILIO AMORIM, President, Marketing and Technology,
Partner, Brand Development, The A Group

TAMI HEIM, Partner, Brand Development, The A Group

In this session we'll discuss how publishers must create a new strategic and value-added relationship with authors through social media as well as brand development that is not currently part of the publishing experience, and why that's important for survival.

An award-winning marketer, author and columnist, Maurilio currently consults with some of the country’s leading churches, ministries and Christian publishers. A native of Brazil, Maurilio’s creativity and his ability to help develop systems and solutions have allowed his clients to experience great success. He is at his best when helping his clients identify and plan the next steps for their ministry or business. Maurilio has a mega-church background along with a business-savvy mindset.

Heim previously served as the executive vice president and chief publishing officer at Thomas Nelson Publishers and president of Borders, Inc. Her experience in retail, publishing and working with international brands allows her a 360° view of a changing industry. She consults with publishers, authors, and organizations on strategy, brand identity, product development, and content delivery.

The A Group is a strategic solutions company. Our vision is to offer our clients creative and effective solutions to their branding, technology and communications needs. We work hard to understand their challenges and opportunities. We provide strategic guidance and navigate the marketplace, which has been radically transformed by new technologies. Among ministries, Christian business and churches, the desire to connect with an audience brings a need to understand a rapidly-changing world of brand development, advertising, social media and technology. Among publishers, writers, and other thought leaders, a distinct need exists for agility and cutting-edge marketing strategies so they can fully benefit from the innovative ways that content is now published, marketed and distributed. From ideation to implementation, we are a full-service marketing, technology, literary and PR firm specializing in Christian and non-profit areas. Our approach to communication, technology and brand development are strategic, holistic, dynamic and unique to each client we serve.

Google eBooks: Reading Unbound

Discover how Google's cloud-based platform means seamless reading for users and access to an ebook library from anywhere, on just about any device.  See how users can discover the world's largest selection of ebooks and browse and buy titles from the Google eBookstore or from a growing number of independent booksellers and retail partners.  Learn how to get involved as a publisher to put your titles in front of millions of readers worldwide.      

Strategic Partner Manager, Google, Inc.

Mark P. Nelson is a Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google, where has worked since 2006. Mark works in business development to grow Google's partnership base with publishers in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. Before arriving at Google,Markwas Sales Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean at Random House, based in New York. He received his B.A. in International Studies from Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, and has lived throughout his career in Spain, Argentina, and China. He now calls northern California home and when not traveling likes to cook, and to camp and hike in the great outdoors. He works out of the Googleplex in Mountain View.

Google Books is a free worldwide marketing program that enables publishers to make their books discoverable to the millions of Google users across the globe. Users can nowgo to the Google eBookstore for a selection of over 3 million eBooks available to be read on the Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, Sony and Nook.

In addition, the ELS program will host the ECPA Annual Member Meeting for all ECPA designated representatives and the ECPA Awards Banquet where the 2011 Christian Book Awards, Christian Book of the Year, Jordon Lifetime Achievement Award, and Gold | Platinum | Diamond Sales Awards will be announced and presented.

View the 2011 Christian Book Award finalists!

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