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Voting Member Dues Calculation
ECPA Voting Membership
This category is for English-language publishers with an ongoing program of evangelical publishing as primary product (greater than 50%); and annual net sales greater than $1M.

Two or more distinct publishing entities owned by the same company or related as parent/subsidiary may qualify as individual voting members. Otherwise, the largest publishing entity (in a group of companies) or a single entity must be the primary ECPA member. When the member house is a subsidiary of a larger corporate entity that would not itself qualify as an ECPA member, the dues are based on the publishing revenue of the subsidiary that does qualify as an ECPA member.

Dues for Voting Members
Dues for voting members are based on net sales (net of returns) of the total publishing revenue of the qualifying corporate entity. For purpose of clarification, see the following eligibilities:

Eligible Sales
• Net sales by domestic corporations and divisions
• Net sales to international subsidiaries and distributors
• Net sales of imported products
• Net sales of materials developed or produced for distribution by other companies
• Shares of sales income from joint ventures

• Sales by international divisions, subsidiaries and distributors
• Royalty and subsidiary rights income
• Commissions or fees for services (such as fulfillment) provided for other publishers
• Charges for sales tax, transportation, handling and other services
• Other non-sales or service-related income including investments, interest, dividends, subsidies, grants, or foundations
• Revenue from company owned bookstores, printing operations, broadcasting, or other non-publishing segments

Eligible Products
Net sales of the following items should be included:
• Books, Bibles, and printed materials, regardless of length, content, binding or cover type (excluding magazines)
• Text books and educational materials
• Periodicals, curriculum, and magazines for students and teachers (exclude advertising revenues)
• Maps
• Electronic media products – published and or delivered in any electronic format including audio, DVD, or digital. Includes all the products noted above that may or may not also be published and/or delivered in an electronic format

Basis for calculating your dues:
1M to 2M $2,000
2M to 3M
3M to 5M $2,500
5M to 7.5M $3,750
7.5M to 10M $4,500
10M to 15M
15M to 20M
20M to 35M
35M to50M
50M to 75M $12,750
75M to 100M $15,000
Over 100M $20,000

A letter of recommendation from an ECPA Voting Member is required.
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