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The industry's "Gutenberg Moment" - a Q&A with Leadership Summit speaker Mart Green

Monday, March 19, 2018  
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Mart Green

The leaders in Bible translation will converge on the stage at the upcoming ECPA Leadership Summit to discuss the state of “God’s Word in the World” with the leaders in Christian Publishing.


The session will feature updates from Dr. Roy L. Peterson (American Bible Society), Bobby Gruenewald (YouVersion), and Mart Green (Every Tribe Every Nation; Hobby Lobby; Mardel Christian Supply; Green Family Businesses) and will include a group discussion with the Christian publishers in attendance about our calling in this “Gutenberg Moment.”


ECPA executive director Stan Jantz recently interviewed Mart Green about this upcoming special event at the ECPA Leadership Summit.



STAN:  Why is the work of Bible translation so important to Christian publishing overall?


MART:  Christian publishing has a calling that includes the entire world. Christian publishers are at the tip of the spear in fulfilling Rev. 7:9 “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” The best way for anyone to know God is through His Word. Christian publishing gets the honor of being sure that the Bible is the first text in all 6000+ vital languages.

STAN: How has technology changed the efforts of Bible translators, publishers, and distributors to get the Bible into the hands of every person?


MART:  Due to technology and the sharing of information amongst Christian publishers and translation agencies we now have the most robust Translation software ever. This has a direct effect on the 4500 languages that are in process or that will be in process in the years ahead. We are in a Gutenberg moment, when you have one app that has over 315 million downloads you can sense the power that is being unleashed in over 1200 languages!

STAN:  The entire fourth floor of the Museum of the Bible is devoted entirely to the History of the Bible, including the “illumiNations Global Bible.” What can people expect to see when they tour this part of the Museum?


MART:  The illumiNations room has on display the 6000 vital languages on planet earth. You will see 671 languages with a full Bible and another 1525 with a New Testament. You will also see hundreds of languages on “blank orange” books with the title “In Process.” You will see hundreds of blank yellow books with the title “Not Yet Started.” It is a moving experience to realize that so many languages do not have God’s Word. By faith we believe that by 2033 95% of the world will have the full Bible, 99.99996% will have a NT and 100% will have at least some portions.



Mart Green is the Chief Strategy Officer for the Green Family Businesses, board chair of Hobby Lobby, and founder of Mardel Christian Supply.  In 2010, Mart started a journey to build a Digital Bible Library through an alliance called Every Tribe Every Nation. Its goal is to centralize, digitize, standardize and finalize the Bible texts of the world. This will make it easier for audio, video, mobile and print-on-demand ministries to get the Bible texts that they need. It is Mart's belief that all 6000+ languages can have a New Testament finalized and digitized in his lifetime.

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