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Christian Book Award® | AUDIO Criteria

Category Description

This award is for AUDIO productions of books produced by ECPA member publishers (fiction, nonfiction, Bible).

Judging Criteria *

1. Performance

           Does the narration enhance the experience of book's content?

           Is the narrator well-matched, believable and convincing?

           Does the narrator stay true to character voices, pronunciation of names and places,

           including foreign phrases?

           Are different voices handled with consistency and care?

2. Format

Was the text of the book adapted well as an audio book script?
Is there uninterrupted flow of thought and tone throughout the work?

Is the pace maintained well? If additional elements like sound effects or music are used, are they placed appropriately?

Do the added elements enhance the flow of the book?


3. Production Value
Is the quality of the recording excellent overall?

Is the recording technically good without overt technical flaws or edits? Are the signal, voice and music levels conducive to a good listening experience?

4. Content
Does content take on 'extra meaning' in audio format?

Is the content well-suited for audio presentation? Does the material present the values of a Christian worldview?

5. Impact
Does the work meet a need in the intended audience or fulfill a need in the marketplace?

Is the material fresh and compelling in nature?

Does the book have the potential to make a significant impact on the worldview or lifestyle of the listening audience?

* using a scale of 1-10

Christian Book Award® is a registered trademark of ECPA

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