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Christian Book Award® | Bibles Criteria

Category Description

This award is for new proprietary material (full text of the Bible) which meets the following criteria:

a) a new translation or paraphrase of the Bible text;
b) a new full-scale revision or media presentation of an already published Bible text; or
c) a Bible published with substantive new material or at least 50% new supplementary material (notes, commentary, etc.) for works previously published.

Subsequent publication of substantially the same proprietary material with another Bible text does not qualify, but a complete Bible published after publication of a New Testament or other portion does qualify.

Judging Criteria **

1. Audience
(General, adult, couples, family, teens, women, men, ministers, new believers, those who are interested in a specific person's ministry/theology, etc.)
Is the audience clearly defined or understood from the presentation?

2. Version/Content
(KJV, NIV, TNIV, NAS, etc.)
Does the version chosen for this Bible align with the needs/profile of the intended audience?
If this is a new version, are the distinctions/benefits clearly presented? If this is a paraphrase, is the content consistent with its purpose and faithful to the text?
Does the writing style flow and make the biblical story clear and accessible?

3. Features*
(Illustrations, self-pronouncing text, tabs, index, etc.)
Do the features make this Bible attractive to its intended audience?
Do they support this Bible's type (family, parallel, student, study, topical, etc.)?
Are additional features needed to make this a comprehensive offering for its intended type?

4. Helps*
(Character profiles, charts, concordance, notes, dictionary, maps, other)
Are there sufficient helps included to make this a good Bible choice for its stated purpose (study, devotional, reference, counseling, etc.)?

5. Design
Do the cover, color, layout, and production quality, if applicable, and text size make reading a pleasurable experience for the intended audience and facilitate the impact and/or application of the text?
Does the design of the features, notes, and helps make information easily accessible?

6. Impact
Does the total package present God's Word in a faithful, innovative way so that the audience can engage with it and, with the help of the Spirit, understand and apply it?
Does this Bible meet a need or create a niche in the marketplace?

*A paraphrase of the Bible may or may not have features and helps because its intended purpose may be simply to make an interesting, engaging read for seekers, new believers, or those already highly familiar with scripture and who are looking for a fresh approach. If this is the case, the "Features" and "Helps" criteria are not applicable and should not be rated. A paraphrase thus will be evaluated against the following four criteria: Audience, Version/Content, Design, Impact.


** using a scale of 1-10



Christian Book Award® is a registered trademark of ECPA

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