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Christian Book Award® | Young People's Literature Criteria

Category Description

This award category accepts nominations for nonfiction and fiction material for audience ages 9-16 to include:

  • YA-based works of nonfiction
  • YA-based works of fiction

Judging Criteria

1. Audience
Is the audience clearly defined from the title, presentation and content of the book?

2. Content
Is the perspective and reading level consistent with the purpose of the book?

Is this approach a child-friendly tone?
Is the information appropriate to the audience?
Is the content well-developed and organized logically?
Are the main points presented in a clear, engaging manner?

3. Writing Style / Mechanics
Does the style of writing make it accessible to the intended audience?
Are there errors in spelling, grammar, paragraphing, and punctuation?
Are the word choices correct and engaging?

4. Author

          Based on their writing, does the author appear to have sufficient experience/credibility to write such a


          If not, is the work itself strong enough to give the author credibility?

          Is the author able to communicate to a child’s heart through their words?

5. Design / Format
Do the cover, color, layout, and text size enhance the reading experience?
Does the format of the book facilitate the purpose of the book?

6. Impact
Does the work meet a need in the intended audience and/or fulfill a need in the marketplace?
Is the presentation fresh and compelling in nature?
Does the book have the potential to make an impact on the worldview or lifestyle of the audience?


* using a scale of 1-10

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